Providence, the capital city of the teeny state of Rhode Island in the United States. Lemme share this little city with you as well as prepare myself to remember it before I leave it after my college graduation...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Back of/to Trinity Repertory

Yes, I have fallen off track again and did not do a posting yesterday. I am so sorry. Finals are only a couple of weeks, and so panic mode is setting in... things will be much better by the end of the month. Feeling very sleepy as I make my posting for today. In the meantime, please bare with me, and advanced apologies if I miss any more entries....

This is the back of the Trinity Repertory Company building. If you remember, I posted a photo of the front facade in one of my previous blogs It's pretty interesting how the two sides ends are so different, one white one red, one stone one brick... the number of contrasts are quite endless. I can't believe that I never noticed the mask sculptures. It's pretty neat. The green building in front is the company's brewhouse... as you can see from the giant TRINITY sign. I haven't been inside it, as I'm not much of an alcohol consumer.


Blogger mark said...


4:16 PM

Blogger Anne said...

Goodluck on your exams! And those are two giant masks!

I have just moved to a new site! Please update your links

7:20 PM

Blogger Mark said...

Goodluck on your exams!Posting can wait!

1:12 AM

Blogger Natalie said...

Ah, exams. Can't say I miss them. Good luck. That's a neat building. I like it when they don't match themselves.

8:01 AM

Blogger sLesTa said...

i used to live right around the corner across it. well, across the fire department (or was it police dept?). :)

11:33 PM


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