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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What's inside?

On the same day that I took the photo for the last blog, I came across this house, and was captivated by the silhouettes cast by the sun on the 'window cover'. It totally took me by suprise, since everything else was dull/dark from the low sun (sunset time). Fortunately, the angle was perfect to create the shadows in this way...

So what can you make out from the shapes?


Blogger Pierre said...

Hi Andy, Shadows in the night, excellent pic!

12:53 AM

Blogger midnitebara said...

aha..,peeking again!! hahaha!
just kidding. cool shot. now, let me have a closer look!!

1:24 AM

Blogger Kris said...

yes, Excellent ! Love it !!
I would say musical intruments (???) do u have the answer ?

5:00 AM

Blogger Sam said...

What a beautiful picture - I love it!!!

5:53 AM

Blogger Denton said...

Good photo. At first I though the shadows where from musical instruments. However when the photo is enlarged I am fairly sure they are kitchen utensils. For example, there is a spatula on the left of the photo.

9:30 AM

Blogger Alex said...

So intriguing! Would like to know what's behind the curtain... Trying to guess, I also thought it was the shadow of musical instuments, but I agree with Denton, the shadow on the right looks like more kithchen ustensiles.

8:18 PM

Blogger Anna said...

Great shot

12:38 PM

Blogger perle de rosée said...

Excellent picture ! It looks like in a mystery film.

5:15 AM


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