Providence, the capital city of the teeny state of Rhode Island in the United States. Lemme share this little city with you as well as prepare myself to remember it before I leave it after my college graduation...

Monday, April 17, 2006


SORRY! No photos from the weekend, because my internet service went down for some unknown reason... drove me totally nuts within connection for the duration — shows just how dependent we are on this informational medium.

On a lighter and brigther note, a sure sign of spring is plant growth. I have never seen young 'twigs' growing straight out of tree trunks. So it totally struck me by surprise when I came upon this tree. There is a beautiful contrast between the rough texture and robust form of the trunk against the delicate 'twigs' sprouting out...


Blogger Kris said...

beautiful flowers coming soon !

12:46 AM

Blogger Lorethian said...

I love the title. Well done.

9:12 AM

Blogger chris.h. said...

Its going to be a great summer--even in England--I can feel it!

12:08 PM


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