Providence, the capital city of the teeny state of Rhode Island in the United States. Lemme share this little city with you as well as prepare myself to remember it before I leave it after my college graduation...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Low tide exposures

The above photo was taken on the same day I took the low tide canal photo I share with you folks last week.

At one point of the canal near the downtown shopping mall, some chairs were lying on the bed. I tried to capture the shimmering light of the sunlight reflected along with the chairs. As insane as it sounds, I wonder if there were dumped by the restaurant just by the side of the canal... (I certainly hope not)


Blogger marie said...

thanks for visiting my blog and good luck to yours

12:27 AM

Blogger Sam said...

They might have been dumped in by unhappy restaurant clients, lol.

Nice, shimmery water!

12:58 AM

Blogger Nicola said...

Well, looks like someone got rid of their furniture...

4:45 AM

Blogger Rob said...

Someone with little respect for the environment for sure

4:56 AM

Blogger Kris said...

they are old chairs (cant see well) ? at sam's comment :D

yes, Nice shot !!

5:09 AM

Blogger Andrea said...

Can't believe what people can do...what respect for the environment!!!

6:27 AM


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